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    Louise Mensch Gave The Tories £2,000 To Fight UKIP Two Months After Saying "F*ck You" To David Cameron

    So everything's forgiven then!

    Louise Mensch has just given £2,000 to help the Conservative MP Jackie Doyle-Price fight off the UKIP threat in Thurrock.

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    Mensch, the former MP for Corby, resigned her seat in 2012 so that she could move her family to New York. Since then she has worked as a columnist for The Sun on Sunday and written her sixteenth book, entitled Beauty.

    The donation is listed in the House of Commons Register of Members' Financial Interests.

    Doyle-Price was elected as MP for Thurrock in the 2010 General Election.

    She won with a tiny majority of 92 votes, which represented a 6.6% swing from Labour.

    Ukip leader Nigel Farage has confirmed that the party is targeting the constituency, telling the Thurrock Gazette: "I do believe Thurrock is somewhere we can be successful. All the evidence suggests that where we can first make a breakthrough in an area, it becomes far easier. That breakthrough happened last year [when Robert Ray was elected to Thurrock Council]. There is every reason for us to do very well here."

    Earlier this year, Mensch reacted furiously to the news that UK flags should be flown at half mast to mourn the death of King Abdullah on Thursday.

    Jesus Christ. Disgusted by @David_Cameron & @PHammond who have utterly failed women today. I hope every Conservative woman MP tells them so

    It should be noted that the "@PHammond" on the receiving end of her wrath in this tweet is not defence secretary Philip Hammond, who she meant to tweet at, but a blameless member of the public.

    When the UK's embassy in Saudi Arabia tweeted a statement from David Cameron, this was how she responded.

    Mensch confirmed in an email to BuzzFeed News that while she's not on UK soil, she is registered as an overseas elector – and therefore allowed to make this donation. She added: "I will be voting and voting Conservative".

    She signed off with the hashtag #CorbyPride.

    Mensch has pointed out in a comment on this post that she repeatedly apologised to the member of the public she mistook for Philip Hammond. She's also added that she has made a number of other donations to constituency campaigns and says there are more to come.

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