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This Man Eating A Muffin In The Background Of A Labour MP's Interview Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

He is the hero we deserve. H/T Metro.

Forget Lucy Powell in the foreground. Look at this man. LOOK AT HIM.


If you know this man, or even better are this man, get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

The Muffin Man has got in touch. He writes:


I am the muffin man


The muffin man"

After further questions from BuzzFeed News, he added: "I am sorely disappointed at the lack of a free buffet here. I am so glad that my comrades at TUSC redistributed their muffin yummyness."

Here is a picture of the muffin man.

Alexander Longworth Dunbar

And here is the muffin man and his friends, eating muffins.

Alexander Longworth-Dunbar

From left to right are Bridget Pullen, Alexander Longworth-Dunbar, Jack Metcalf, Joe Clough (the muffin man), Alex Powell, Deej Johnson, Emma Clark, and John Neill. All of them are standing as TUSC council candidates in Manchester, apart from Joe.

Well done muffin eaters. It's been a long night.

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