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    How The Internet Reacted To Ken Livingstone's Most Disastrous Day

    Well, this escalated rather quickly.

    Good afternoon. Today ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE in the Labour party.

    Clash between John Mann and Ken Livingstone

    The drama started after former mayor of London Ken Livingstone decided to give his views in the wake of the Naz Shah debacle, telling BBC Radio London it wasn't possible to criticise Israel without facing accusations of anti-Semitism.

    Ken Livingstone entering the fray like

    Ah good, Ken Livingstone's arrived to help

    And within minutes a bunch of Labour MPs called for him to be suspended from the party.

    @trewloy It's ok everyone - Ken Is here to calm the situation:

    So far, so Labour, but then one MP, John Mann, decided to confront Livingstone about his views in Millbank Tower. Then Mann chased him down the street, shouting at him.

    Watch this. Extraordinary. John Mann MP: You're a disgusting Nazi apologist, Livingstone'.

    Which was slightly awkward, because at the time Livingstone was on the phone to LBC, attempting to defend his views.

    And even worse, was about to go on TV.

    Here Livingstone is telling the viewers of BBC2's Daily Politics, and a rather unimpressed Nick Clegg, about his views on Hitler.

    It didn't go all that well.

    Ken Livingstone says calling for the forced deportation of Jews is "rude".

    And it was about to get worse.

    In a scene from his worst nightmares, Ken is now being confronted by a giant John Mann

    "Sorry, it sounded like you just said Hitler."

    Ken Livingstone has literally been expelled from the Labour Party before for less.

    At the end of the interview, Livingstone admitted things had escalated a bit.

    "I was planning on having a quiet morning in the garden"

    And now people were wondering where he would strike next.

    Ken Livingstone retires to his office to make a cup of tea

    Meanwhile, the Tories were watching the carnage unfold.

    Actual footage of David Cameron taken just 10 minutes ago

    Would Labour's press team save the day?

    Would the party's leader step in?

    @trewloy It's all under control. Corbyn is already leading from the front:

    Come to think of it, where was Jeremy Corbyn?

    Pity all the people trying to catch up by this point.

    Have just been in a meeting for an hour. Went in thinking, well, at least things can't get any worse for Labour. Oh.

    I see Labour are dealing with a situation again.

    Things then took a twist as Livingstone sought shelter from the assembled press in a toilet.

    Ken - "I'm in the disabled toilets and they're asking me about Hitler, what should I do?"

    Ken Livingstone just escaped a press scrum by hiding in a disabled toilet. What is today.

    Maybe he's just having a really big poo?

    Then he escaped, but was chased by a dog.

    Ken leaves BBC, pursued by press pack and a barking dog.

    Whereupon Labour announced he was suspended.

    Just checking Twitter to see how it's going for Labour right now.

    All this, on Ed Balls Day, of all days.

    Ed Balls sits quietly at his kitchen table. Yvette is at work, the kids at school. "Today should have been about me", he whispers. He sighs.

    Ken Livingstone arrives to celebrate #EdBallsDay