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LeVar Burton Explains How To Talk To Kids About The Sandy Hook Shooting

"Our children rely on us to help define the world they live in," he wrote on Reading Rainbow's blog.

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Frazier Harrison / Getty Images

Following Friday's horrific shooting, beloved former Reading Rainbow host LeVar Burton wrote a post for the show's blog. He briefly described the mass shooting at the Connecticut elementary school and noted the importance of speaking honestly and directly with kids who might have questions.

"...Parents and teachers and caregivers should not shy away from directly discussing this with children who are concerned or anxious or fearful. Let them know their fear is normal, that it’s OK to be sad on behalf of those who died, and even frightened that it may happen to them...

"Our children rely on us to help them define the world they live in, and at the same time they have razor sharp radar for when the truth is being hidden from them. Being honest with them, respecting when they want to talk and when they don’t, accepting their reactions as 'appropriate' no matter what they are, and then returning to your family’s routine is the best we can do during these media fueled, tragedies."

It goes so unbelievably without saying that we should not be living in a world where Reading Rainbow has to explain mass killings to kids.