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    Posted on Jun 2, 2015

    Taylor Swift Just Called Out The Paparazzi For Making Her Life So Weird

    Taylor Swift's Tumblr continues to offer a candid look at the daily life of one of the world's biggest stars.

    Taylor Swift is currently retaking over the world one stadium at a time on her 1989 tour.

    Christopher Polk / Getty Images

    But she's still taking some time out to continue her reign as the queen of pop star social media.

    Her instagram holds some lovely tidbits from the life and times of this internationally famous pop star.

    And her Twitter shines a light on some very important vines.

    Hahaha this is genius. I'm usually getting that exact look from my friends.

    But everyone knows that her Tumblr's where you'll be getting your most candid look at TSwift.

    Most recently, that manifested in a post clarifying an odd-looking photo with a story that illuminates one of the weirder aspects of being Taylor Swift.

    Photo via Stoianov/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES.

    Girl can't even go hiking without being photographed.

    Hell, girl can't even go hiking without a security team.

    Big Machine

    Just remember, it took a lot of sacrifices to get here:

    ROBYN BECK / Getty Images

    The least the paparazzi could do is CHILL THE EFF OUT SOMETIMES.

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