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    We Need To Talk About Beating Up Your Books

    In celebration of raggedy-ass books.

    There are a lot of beautiful, aesthetically pleasing pictures of books in pristine condition out there.

    And people get very passionate about keeping their books in tip-top shape. I get that. But that does not have to be the only way.

    Look, I'm not saying that I chop my books in half deliberately, like Meg Cabot did here.

    But it's COMPLETELY REASONABLE AND HUMAN to keep your books in less-than-pristine condition. In fact, we need to talk about how it can even be a sign of LOVE.

    Some people cringe at the sight of a book with a cracked spine...

    But sometimes it just means you've fallen so deep into the story that you literally stopped noticing the physical world.

    Sure, there's a time and place to keep some books scratch-free and fit for display...

    But there's something to be said for loving a book so much you throw it into every bag you have and carry it with you until it falls apart.

    Nothing makes me happier than seeing a HP book being read so heavily it's falling apart.

    If you're a person who gently beats up your books, you might recognize a warped cover as the sign of intense reading and love that it is.

    Sometimes they're just old, and they've been loved for a long time.

    Grr! When yr re-reading your favourite trilogy & book 1 is falling apart! #thegirlwiththedragontattoo #steiglarsson

    And other times you just ride them hard from the start.

    It looks a little beat up lol but I would suggest this book to anyone

    Books are made to be ~experienced~. So experience them in the way that feels right to YOU.

    Books are made to be loved. How we love our books depends on who we are as readers.

    Daughter:"What are you doing dad?" Me:"Looking at your beat up book." D (giggling) "No it's well loved." @jk_rowling

    Some of us just read HARD, OK????

    @spaceeflower @itssbee_ @jk_rowling my book is falling apart I had to do it I wanted something from the actual book

    Let us live. Our books sure did.