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    Marnie Piper Is Returning To The Town From "Halloweentown"


    If you spent any time watching Disney Channel in the late '90s or early 2000s, chances are this is a familiar sight:

    Disney Channel

    As is this.

    Disney Channel

    Halloweentown was an annual balm for the soul, a retreat into a world where your cab driver was a friendly skeleton and your grandmother was a witch who also happened to be Debbie Reynolds.

    Disney Channel

    Every year, the city where the movie was filmed — St. Helens, Oregon — celebrate's Halloweentown's legacy by setting up the main stretch of the city to look like the town in the film again.

    Spirit of Halloweentown descends on #StHelensOR in Oct. Event info: &

    By all accounts it is a MAGICAL TIME.

    And this year, they'll have a special guest — Kimberly J. Brown, AKA Marnie Piper.

    Kimberly J. Brown / Via

    Marnie Piper is going back to hometown, y'all.

    Disney Channel

    We imagine it'll welcome her back with open arms and plenty of magic.

    Disney Channel

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