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Kristen Stewart Has Some Advice For "Star Wars" Star Daisy Ridley

From one major franchise star to another.

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Kristen Stewart has been acting since she was nine years old, and has kinda seen it all when it comes to Hollywood.

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So what would she say to another young woman who is just now taking the leap into a major franchise guaranteed to alter her life forever?

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Stewart shared her advice for Star Wars: Force Awakens star Daisy Ridley with The Hollywood Reporter's Awards Chatter podcast. So how do you navigate this life-changing thing?


I's pretty simple: You do you. "Focus on the fact that you're stoked 'cause you're doing the work that you want to do," Stewart said.

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"It's literally mainly just about focusing on what makes you happy. And if losing your anonymity or whatever doesn't make you happy, then focus on something else."

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You heard her, Daisy: Just follow your 💖.

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