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17 TImes Gina Rodriguez Was The Khaleesi Of Our Hearts

Can you make it through this post without accepting Gina Rodriguez as your queen?

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If your heart didn't belong to her after that Golden Globe speech then I honestly don't even know what to say.

1. Here she is offering to run away with you.



2. Here she is looking chic AF with toussled hair in her beautiful home.

3. Here she is proving she could beat all of your shared enemies into the ground.

4. And we gotta remember when the Jane The Virgin Emmy campaign highlighted her instantly-iconic wisdom.

So humbled. No words. Thank you @CBSTVStudios and @TheCWnetwork for believing in me!

5. Here she is showing us that she has the power to be a real-life Khaleesi.

6. And here she is being literally perfect with a ukulele.

7. Sometimes you just gotta sit back and watch this woman spread her inspiration.

8. Sometimes you just have to watch her spit some truths.

9. Other times you just have to cry over her beautiful relationship with her sister.


10. Let's not forget way back when, when baby Gina rocked these bangs and some badass florals.

11. She really does rock the best accessories, living and otherwise.

12. Again: Best. Accessories.

13. When she looked the most glorious at brunch.

14. Or when she showed off some accessible workout moves while rocking a giant pregnancy belly.

15. After all, let's not forget that this woman can kick your ass.

16. She could play any superhero she damn well pleased.

17. And she's got a little somethin' to say to the haters.