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    17 Times "Jane The Virgin" Made You Feel All The Things

    The Villanueva women can make me cry just by looking at each other, TBH. (WARNING: Spoilers for the Season 2 finale.)

    1. Hey, remember that time Jane called Rogelio "Dad" for the first time? Yeah, I'm still misty-eyed about that.

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    2. When anger coursed through you thinking about this injustice Alba was facing.

    3. This show makes you feel so deeply that just the sight of three women cracking up on a bed can make your whole day.

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    4. And it can surprise you, like when Jane's kinda-step-sisters/students showed that they really did love her after all.

    5. Our hearts threatened to grind themselves into pulp when Jane and Rafael were beating themselves up with worry over the health of their unborn baby.

    6. Let's not forget this bittersweet moment when Jane and Rafael said "I love you" for the first time while he was grieving his dad.

    7. Whose heart didn't straight-up OVERFLOW when they showed us the symmetry of the Villanueva women supporting each other through childbirth?

    8. This show shows us all kinds of love, including the kind that makes you do verrry personal favors.

    9. Has anything ever been sweeter than Jane looking at her newborn son for the first time?

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    10. There's always this lowkey iconic speak on parenting, which we'll literally never be over.

    11. The camping itself may have sucked, but Jane's joy as she was falling in love with Michael for the first time was infectious.

    12. Both times these two got engaged it was so, so sweet and so, so genuine.

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    13. Gotta be honest, might not even have seen all of Michael saying his vows in Spanish because the tears got in the way.

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    14. And there was a special power in this scene where Xo finally confronts her mother about decades of slut-shaming.

    15. The Villanueva family's just so beautiful and complex, like this time when Jane broke down over her fear and loss.

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    16. And let's never forget the scene where Alba got her green card in the mail and the room was full of happy tears.

    17. Then there was the dark side, like when they completely shattered us in pairing the snow globe breaking with Michael getting shot.


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