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19 Tumblr Posts About "Harry Potter" That Will Make Your Day

Classic Tim.

1. This image of Arthur Weasley discovering the delights of the Muggle world.

2. This post that absolutely happened once the wizarding world embraced the internet.

3. This brilliant strategy for dealing with Tim.

4. This foray into marauders-era wordplay.

5. This beautiful mental image.

6. This testament to Hagrid, a true diamond in the rough.

7. This genuinely moving tribute to inner strength.

8. This reminder that Harry's life had its share of joy amongst the drama.

9. Fred and George as the rightful heirs to the marauders' legacy.

10. Viktor Krum having absolutely zero chill.

11. This twist on a classic scene.

12. This inspiring relationship.

13. This festive holiday treat.

14. This meeting of the minds.

15. This reminder of Harry's truly brilliant nickname.

16. And then there's Dean.

17. Never forget the sweet, sweet puns.

18. Or Uncle Vernon's sheer moxie.

19. And who could possibly forget the most important of all: How thoroughly this series feels like home.