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Tips To Choose A Good Mattress And Rest Better

Simple tips and tricks for choosing a good mattress, which will help you choose the most suitable mattress to improve your rest.

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Choose a better mattress Within the different tips for better sleep that could be given to improve our rest (with which we will certainly gain in health), there is no doubt that the choice of mattress is the least fundamental to the pair That important, since choosing a mattress that is not the most suitable can cause us several pathologies and injuries, besides not helping us to sleep correctly, with the risks that it causes.

Do not forget that, at least every 5 to 10 years, it is advisable to change your mattress, replacing it with a new mattress. So, if it is time to change it or if you are already directly considering the possibility of buying a new one, here are some tips to choose the best mattress reviews for you (and for your partner in case you sleep with someone else) ):

What type of mattress to choose?

There is no doubt that viscoelastic mattresses are the best, as long as they conform to your anatomy and are useful for the body to rest in a much more natural position.

However, due to its high price it is possible that you choose a mattress spring or latex. While the former tend to be the firmer, latex mattresses are more fluffy.

When you buy a mattress, you also think of summer

When it comes to how to improve the rest in summer, when we buy a new mattress we do not tend to remember the summer, and ultimately the hottest months of the year.

Today you can find mattresses on the market that include thermal fibers and layers of cotton that are useful for reducing heat.

Mattress firmness and support

A suitable mattress for a good rest should be firm in some areas, but somewhat softer in others. In addition, you must maintain the natural curve of your body, and support all parts and points of your anatomy.

Length of the mattress depending on the height of the person and width

It is recommended that the minimum length for a mattress is between 15 to 20 centimetres more than the height of the person.

Regarding its width, for individual use it is recommended of 90 centimetres, and for double uses of 150 centimetres.

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