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    10 Reasons Why Group Projects Are Just Objectively Awful

    Nobody actually likes group projects, right?

    1. There is always that one person who refuses to do anything.

    2. And that one person who insists on doing EVERYTHING, then complains about nobody helping.

    3. You either have a group where everyone wants to be in charge...

    4. ...or a group where nobody wants to be in charge.

    5. There is never any in-between.

    6. Not to mention you are literally forced to be social or you could fail.

    7. And there are always those group members who never show up to group meetings...

    8. ...then show up to class acting like they have been an active part of the group this whole time.

    9. Unfortunately, no matter how much we hate them, group projects aren't going anywhere.

    10. So get used to doing group projects!