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Losing Your Skin Moisture? Read These Winter Skincare Tips

Who doesn’t love fall? Vibrant landscapes, pumpkin everything, and crisp, cool air. The change in temperature isn’t for everyone, but one thing we can all agree on is that staying warm and cozy during the fall and winter months is a must. As the temperatures drop outside, we crank up the thermostats inside – which is great for body warmth but not so ideal for our skin. The dry air this time of year can leave our skin feeling dry, flaky, itchy, and tight. It’s important to adapt your skincare routine to soothe your skin and prevent it from drying out during these seasons.

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Baby It’s Cold Outside

The combination of chilly temperatures, dry air, and harsh wind can give otherwise healthy skin a run for its money. A harsher environment can strip the skin of healthy oils that trap moisture within. Dry skin can itch, flake, crack and even bleed.

Trauma to the skin caused by these factors can leave cracks in your skin, causing it to be vulnerable to an inflammatory response like psoriasis and eczema flare-ups. When the humidity in the air drops, you need to adapt your skincare routine to help keep it moisturized and prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

Adapting Skincare Routine For Fall And Winter

If you notice a change in the texture, appearance, or feel of your skin due to dryness, there are a variety of preventative and healing measures you can take to soothe your skin.

* Don’t let baths or showers further dry out your skin

Keep your time in the shower short; no more than 10 minutes. Use warm water rather than excessively hot water, and wash your face and body with a gentle, scent-free cleanser. No scrubbing! Be gentle. Blot your skin gently with a towel.

* Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

Apply immediately after washing your face and body. Ointments, creams, and lotions help prevent dryness by trapping the existing moisture within your skin. It’s important not to wait more than a few minutes after washing to apply your preferred moisturizer.

* Creams, ointments, and serums > lotion

These products tend to be more effective than a simple lotion. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends looking for creams that contain oils like olive oil or jojoba oil. Shea butter is also recommended.

* Lip balm is your friend

Your lips are an important part of your face to protect during cold weather. Choose a lip balm that feels soothing to your lips.

* Use gentle, unscented products

Fragrances and deodorant soaps can be too harsh for dry and sensitive skin. In addition, skincare products that contain alcohol, retinoids, or alpha-hydroxy should also be avoided when you have dry skin. When it comes to laundry detergents, non-irritating, hypoallergenic detergents are best.

* Add your own moisture to the air

Use a humidifier to balance out the dry, furnace-blasted air in your home or bedroom.

Feel Fabulous This Fall

Studies have shown that during periods of stress, the skin's ability to retain water was reduced. Fall means the holidays are right around the corner, and that kind of stress can have a stronger effect on your skin than you might think.

Don’t let the stress of the season exacerbate dry skin conditions. Make sure you’re still finding time to exercise, get enough sleep, and other activities you enjoy to reduce your seasonal stress.

If these tips and tricks do not bring dry skin relief, you may want to see a dermatologist. Very dry skin can require a prescription ointment or cream. A dermatologist can examine your skin and explain what can help reduce your discomfort.

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