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Lili Reinhart Provides The Only "Riverdale" Live-Tweeting You Need In Your Life

While we're all watching the teen drama unfold on screen, star Lili Reinhart is tweeting fire.

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CW drama "Riverdale" has just wrapped up its first season and if you haven't been watching you are missing out on something huge. No, not teen drama, murder mystery or even the shirtless scenes of series star KJ Apa. I'm talking about "Riverdale" star Lili Reinhart's Twitter feed.

Many actors will livetweet their shows with behind-the-scenes information, reactions to the episode or answering fan questions, but Reinhart's approach is a bit different.

"You can't eat Taco Bell if you're an actress on the CW." #riverdale

The actress uses GIFs of the episodes to tweets extremely relateable content. All the fun without many spoilers. The sort of things you think about other people, or yourself, on a daily basis. More to the point the type of content you'd retweet to your followers regardless of whether they watch the show or now. For those watching it adds an unexpected, and hilarious, addition to the "Riverdale" experience.

*Encouraging other people's drama when you have nothing to do with it* #riverdale.

When your bff has had an HBO GO account this whole time and never gave you the login info #riverdale

*when you go on one date and she has already picked out your future kids' names and wedding venue* #riverdale

*walking into college finals like* #riverdale

My tweet is not about you but if the shoe fits, please be my guest and wear that fucking thing. #riverdale

When your drunk friend starts to sing karaoke in public but in reality you're at Chipotle and there is no karaoke..…

*stalks crush's instagram all the way back to 70 weeks ago* #riverdale

"Riverdale" was airing on Thursday, so here's some TBT greatness courtesy of Reinhart.

"Listen to me... Trix are for KIDS... you have to move on." #riverdale

So if you haven't seen the first season, then you better catch up before Season 2 begins because you don't want to miss this!

Basically your fav could never.

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