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10 Pictures That Prove Therapy Dogs Are The Best Medicine

Sometimes being sick is ruff. Let Akron Children’s Hospital (and their Doggie Brigade™) be there for you and your family.

1. Meet Jazz. She loves meeting people and is a member of the Akron Children's Hospital Doggie Brigade™.

2. With other dogs, like Chloe, the brigade is making kids' hospital stays a little bit better.

3. The pet therapy program began in 1992...

4. ...which makes it the second-oldest canine program of its kind!

5. The pups have to go through a two-part screening exercise, with multiple scenarios to make sure they'll be able to handle anything that might come their way during visits.

6. Like how they will handle loud noises, other distractions, and being petted by strangers (or new people they meet).

7. From bedsides to rehabilitation, these pups are with their little patients every step of the way.

8. Izzie and her pals are bringing those in need a whole new level of emotional support.

9. The level of comfort they bring is immeasurable...

10. ...but we think it's a two-way street, because dogs like Jasmine get to reap the benefits, too!