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    16 Unusual Home Decor If You Have A Whimsical Sense Of Interior Design

    Would you like a bicycle clock, or maybe some honeybee string lights?

    1. This wooden bicycle wall clock that would look oh-so-quirky and contemporary on your walls and would feed your obsession of collecting hatke stuff - ₹2,140

    A wooden bicycle with a wall clock adorning its front wheel

    2. These porcelain modern face sculptures in gold are sure to become conversation starters for your guests - ₹1,199

    Set of 3 modern face sculptures with different hand actions like one hand on eyes, a single finger on the lips

    3. This remote holder with a small metal lady in the middle, mostly asking your scatterbrain-self with folded hands to 'please, keep the remote back where it belongs!' - ₹445

    A metal remote holder with a metal lady in the middle in green and pink folding her hands

    4. These adorable honey-bee shaped fairy lights that look like fireflies when lit up in the night and look so pretty that you can only stand and stare - ₹385

    Honey bee shaped firelights lighting up the dark bushes and fence outside at night

    5. This transparent hanging glass vase 'cause why have a normal one when you can make it hang from a thread to make it look prettier. It also keeps your freshly cut flowers away from your destructive kitty - ₹399

    A transparent hanging vase with water and a plant in it

    6. This metal bike that can be hung on the wall and is so realistic-looking that your guests will do a double-take every time they lay eyes on it - ₹2,999

    A metal bike wall hanging

    7. This planter from Chumbak that I, being a plant parent, can't help but relate to considering how many plants I've unintentionally destroyed - ₹795

    A green planter in the shape of a mug and saucer with the words - "Grow Dammit" printed on it

    8. This polyester owl cushion that funnily enough, looks like it shouldn't be there and needs to avert its eyes or it will end up looking at something risky - ₹556

    A colourful owl cushion that has its eyes averted away

    9. This cool night lamp and humidifier that will give you the feeling of looking into space - ₹899

    Night lamps that look like planets and give off different coloured lights an spurt mist from the middle

    10. This flying angel horse towel hanger that will satisfy all your obsessions for a vintage vibe at home (or, maybe the bathroom) - ₹1,545

    A copper towel hanger with a flying angel horse as the piece that attaches to the wall

    11. These unique cactus-shaped tealight candles that are unusual in an interesting sorta way and perfect if you're a cacti lover - ₹2,396 for a set of 12

    12. These unique Edison hanging lamps that hang from the ceiling on rustic ropes which are bendable and can be coaxed into any shape you want - ₹700

    A single hanging bulb from a bendable rustic rope tied in a knot from the ceiling

    13. These exquisite terracotta pots with faces painted on them that look uber unique and I've already added to my cart - ₹749 for 2

    Orange and blue terracotta pots with faces painted on them

    14. This hanging door sign for your bathroom to shed light on the extremely productive things you do while sitting on the throne - ₹329

    A pop art inspired bathroom poster with a toilet on it and text that read Thinking Room

    15. This doormat that subtly lets your uninvited guests know that this surprise visit is not appreciated - ₹495

    A fibre door mat in beige with the words - 'Oh no, not you again' on it

    16. This transparent glass frame that lets you put anything inside to be displayed as long as it is thin enough. You can go crazy with newspaper cutouts, dried flowers and leaves or anything else you want to display in your room and still make it look elegant - ₹435

    A transparent glass frame with metal borders painted in gold with 3 stems of leaves inside