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    18 Must-Have Products That Will Make Doing Home Chores A Breeze For Bachelors

    For those who dread household chores with a passion!

    1. A set of 5 easy-to-use, multipurpose sponges by Scotch Bright that can wipe any surface and help in soaking up those accidental spills with ease - ₹290

    4 images showing a sponge wiping different surfaces.

    2. A flexible microfibre cleaning dust brush that can bend to reach those hidden corners. It also has an extendable rod so you don't have to hop on your toes to reach places high up - ₹349

    a flexible dust brush cleaning a ceiling fan.

    3. This 3-in-1 easy glass spray cleaning brush that doubles up as a spray with a microfibre cloth to clean any glass surface and give it that spotless shine - ₹499

    A woman cleaning a window with a glass spray microfibre wiper.

    4. An AmazonBasics wet and dry vacuum cleaner with a high suction power for those who don't have the time to sweep and mop their homes every day. It comes with 6 different heads to clean any surface and will spare you the backache - ₹4,262

    5. Or, this robot vacuum cleaner with voice controls that requires no effort on your end. Just set it on a cleaning mode of your choice for dust-free floors while you can relax and take a break from work - ₹12,400

    6. A pair of cut-resistant gloves for maximum safety in the kitchen while cutting fruits and veggies. Also, no more random cuts from picking up the shards of crockery that you dropped by mistake - ₹395

    A pair of hands wearing cut resistant gloves cutting an orange.

    7. A double-sided magnetic glass cleaner to clean the outside of your windows along with the inside while you stay in the room. Now you won't have to dangerously hang half out the window to clean those dirty windows - ₹379

    A double-sided magnetic window wiper cleaning a window.

    8. A 2-in-1 soap dispenser & sponge that squirts out liquid soap through a pump when pressed and saves you so much time and mess when washing the dishes - ₹149

    A 2-in-1 soap dispenser and sponge with images of cleaning the dishes.

    9. A flexible plastic cleaning brush to get those tough stains out of your floors, tiles and even kitchen sinks and taps. It gets into the crevices that you couldn't reach before - ₹229

    A flexible brush cleaning a stained tap.

    10. A non-stick silicone mat to avoid the mess on your counter while kneading dough for rotis or pastry dough for those sublime pies and pizzas, and you'll spend less time cleaning up after yourselves, as well - ₹279

    A person making rotis on a blue non stick silicone mat.

    11. A pair of magical silicone brush gloves that can be used for dishwashing, grooming pets, or even cleaning any surfaces, all without the use of a sponge or any other kind of appliance - ₹299

    Images showing different uses of a pair of silicone brush gloves.

    12. A dishwashing brush with an in-built liquid soap dispenser that can be refilled and is mess-free and super easy to use - ₹349

    A 2-in-1 dishwashing brush and soap dispenser cleaning a utensil.

    13. Or, if you have the cash and are super done with washing the dishes, invest in this Voltas dishwasher that not only leaves your dishes squeaky clean by also dries them for you - ₹20,990

    A voltas dishwasher with clean dishes inside it.

    14. A 360-degree spin mop with a stainless steel wringer on wheels that will cut down your time mopping the floor in half, and reduce physically exertion - ₹1,099

    A spin mop bucket with stainless steel wringer.

    15. A long bristle brush to deep clean upholstery and carpets. Use this sturdy brush on your sofas, rugs and car seats to remove all dirt, pet hair and dust with the softest of touches - ₹279

    A long bristle brush

    16. An aluminium spray mop set with a microfibre washable pad that shoots fine mist or disinfectant on your mop as you clean to evenly remove tough and sticky stains on your floor - ₹899

    A spray mop.

    17. A pair of mini silicone oven mitts that are thick and heat resistant, so you won't be burning your fingers trying to take those yummy baked goods out of the oven - ₹219

    A person using silicone mitts to open the lid of a pot on a stove.

    18. And lastly, if you really want to have fun while cleaning, then check out this quirky pair of microfibre home cleaning dusting slippers that sweep up dust with each step and are also super adorable to look at - ₹399

    A pair of floor dusting slippers.