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    18 Gardening Tools & Products That Will Water Your Inner Plant Lover

    Something all plant parents will adore!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Give your plants the care they deserve with this 200 ml organic cold-pressed pure neem oil spray with a free measuring cup that keeps those horrid pests at bay - ₹349

    An organic gardening neem oil spray.

    2. This toolset of heavy gardening tools and a pair of hand gloves to prune your garden and keep it looking spick and span - ₹387

    Gardening tools with a pair of gloves and a hat.

    3. A 2-litre garden water spray bottle for herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, and to wash away dirt and dust. This can also be used for other household activities, which is a win-win - ₹499

    A garden water spray bottle.

    4. A bag of Epsom salt to fertilize your plants and help them grow healthier, improve flower blooming and also to give your plants a rich, green colour - ₹199

    A spoonful of Epsom salt being put in a potted plant.

    5. A cute yellow watering can that not only looks adorable but will be a relief from lugging around a full bucket of water all over your garden in order to water all your plants - ₹590

    A yellow watering can.

    6. A soil tester to check the pH, moisture, and light position of the soil, because you can't expect your plants to grow and flourish if you use the wrong soil - ₹598

    A women with a child who are planting pots and testing the soil with a sensor.

    7. These 50-piece plant support clips will prevent your taller plants from drooping down and hold them upright - ₹199

    A plant support clip attached to a green branch.

    8. This 10-piece butterfly on stick garden ornament will make your garden more colourful, vibrant and breathe life into your greens - ₹379

    three different photos showing the butterfly ornaments being used in the garden.

    9. Place this adorable wrought iron tricycle plant stand in your garden and deck it with flowering plants to make it a beautiful highlight of your green space - ₹1,299

    a wrought iron plant stand holding flowering planters.

    10. Or, this eco-friendly, handcrafted cane planter stand for your balcony or patio to surround yourself with natural elements and add a unique flourish to your home - ₹3,599

    A cane planter stand holding 3 potted plants.

    11. A set of 5 oval-shaped and cutesy polka dot planters that add a pop of colour to your garden area and are perfect for creative plant parents - ₹1,299

    5 colourful hanging polka dot planters.

    12. A bag of vermicompost fertilisers to enrich the soil and give your plants the nutrients they need to grow and spout pretty new shoots and flowers - ₹332

    A bag of vermincompost.

    13. A pair of gardening gloves with finger claws for easy digging, pruning and planting new saplings without irritating your fingers and for those who don't want to get their hands dirty - ₹219

    14. This 'birds on a tree' garden decoration, that is handpainted and has a protective coating against sun damage and dust. It also makes for a chirpy addition to your plant heaven - ₹749

    A garden decoration of two birds sitting on a branch.

    15. This set of 3 obelisk trellis for your potted plants to give support to plants with a weaker stem. It also works wonder for all your creepers and climbers and is made from premium quality galvanized metal - ₹1,299

    3 potted plants with an obelisk trellis attached for plant support.

    16. A pack of 10 insect killer sticky blue traps that attract all the flying bugs, insects, flies and trap them so your plants can grow healthily without being attacked by those annoying pests. The sticky pads don't dry out even in rain and heat, functioning until the surface is covered with insects - ₹199

    A man holding up a pack of sticky blue insect traps in a field.

    17. And, if you have a garden overflowing with weeds and unruly grass, this lawnmower will be perfect to give your it a nice trim and a clean cut - ₹12,999

    A red lawnmower.

    18. And lastly, this set of 2 exquisite macrame plant holders, that we just can't seem to keep our eyes off - ₹365

    2 hanging macrame plant holders carrying two pots.