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    15 Elegant Home Furnishings To Give Your Home A Modern Vibe

    So you can say, "oh, this ole thing? It's nothing!" *Flips hair*😏

    1. These decorative printed cushion covers that look understated, but so damn chic and have a clean and smooth finish - ₹499 for a set of 5

    A set of 5 cushion covers with a white background and pretty shades, faces and leaves printed on it

    2. This soothing cotton bedsheet that looks just so comfy that you can't help but lie on it all morning until you're extremely late for work - ₹549

    A green cotton double bedsheet with 2 pillow covers

    3. This cotton table runner with embroidery and a handing pompom at the end that looks elegant and will also make it the centre of attention at your next dinner party - ₹849

    A cotton table runner in teal with yellow and ombre sun patterns embroidered on it

    4. These adorable jute table mats in grey that give off such a fancy English tea party vibe, elevating your coffee table aesthetic - ₹474

    Circular Jute grey table mats with white porcelain cups placed on top of it

    5. This round tablecloth with pastel geometric designs that drapes well on the table and creates a sophisticated setting for fancy parties - ₹698

    6. This set of solid silk curtains in a pretty pomegranate shade that doesn't let any light bleed through and even protects your room against extreme hot or cold weather - ₹948

    7. This set of two chic coffee tables in white and grey that have a modernistic touch and smooth surfaces that you'll want to keep touching over and over again - ₹3,499

    Two coffee tables in white and grey in a triangular shape with wooden legs

    8. This pretty cushion dining chair that can light up a space instantly and even serves as an accent piece for your dining table - ₹4,499

    A chair with a patchwork design in the colours white, yellow and grey

    9. These simple but exquisite bolster cushion covers that add a pop of colour if you have decor with neutral tones - ₹674 for 2

    Two yellow bolster cushions kept on a white bed

    10. This pretty chenille throw in beige that you can use to cosy up on a couch as you flip through pages and pages of your favourite read with a cup of coffee - ₹999

    11. This microfibre long cushion for your rocking chair or to provide cushioning for chairs that are super pretty but extremely hard to sit on - ₹899

    A red microfibre long cushion placed on a wooden chair

    12. This handwoven and knitted pouffe that will add a bohemian touch to your home and steal all your guests' hearts - ₹1,250

    A knitted beige macrame inspired pouffe

    13. This braided beige and gold rug that fills up a room and gives it some major 'expensive' vibes - ₹999

    A round braided gold and beige rug

    14. This pretty faux fur cushion cover that you won't be able to keep yourself from constantly stroking or hugging to you while you sleep - ₹449

    15. And, this round checkered cotton floor cushion that can be placed in the balcony to make a special cosy corner for yourself when you need some 'me time' - ₹440

    A checkered black and white round floor cushion kept on a balcony next to a laptop and notebook