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    13 Ways You Can Make Money From A Large Social Media Following

    There are much better options than just charging for posts... :-)

    So you have a ton of real, engaged followers on social media. Congratulations!

    So now, how do you monetize that. It's not like Instagram pays you anything to make a post.

    I turned to 13 prominent influencers, who each shared their ideas about how an influencer can monetize his or her brand.

    Enjoy, and best of luck to you!

    Plan an event where you can meet your followers and people can purchase tickets

    Funnel, funnel, and funnel some more

    Target your dream brands — and work for free

    PR/Social Media Consulting

    Design a product and dropship / retail from your website, ebay or Amazon

    Paid speaking engagements

    Write a book based on what you are posting about

    Sell E Learning resources, like courses, ebooks, coaching, & mentoring

    Build a community out of people who want what you are offering


    Offer advertisements or sponsored posts on social media and your blog

    Become an ambassador for a brand earning commission

    Create Content That Helps and Educates People