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Family Dog Shot And Killed For Barking

About a month ago, my parents dog Candy was shot by a disgusting man with no remorse and without any justification. Here is her story: Candy and my dad were lawfully and by permission on a friends property when the grandson of the property owner came onto the gated property while candy was sleeping under neither my dads truck tire. Startled Candy came out and started to bark at this stranger being at least 8 feet away. The disgusting human kicked at her, and she retreated back, while retreating he shot her while my dad was standing right next to him not allowing him any time to get to her. While Candy was running away toward the boat that they kept on the property scared and bleeding he continued to shoot her. Candy later passed away that night at the Tampa animal hospital. My family has lost such loving, devoted, amazing dog because of this monster. Sarasota Sheriff closed the case without even doing an investigation because the 25 year old guy, "feared for his life". (The family is also a very well known wealthy family in the Nokomis/venice FL area-and the sheriff went to Venice High school with the monsters father-I might add) Candy was a 45 pound dog that never even got close enough to bite this guy. There was so many other rational ways to handle this situation instead of taking out a gun, while in arms distance of another human and shooting a dog 4-5 times. My family really needs yalls help! PLEASE FOLLOW Justice for Candy on Facebook and sign and share the petition below. Thank you!

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