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17 Cats That Woke Up And Chose Violence (Against Productivity)

Cats on keyboards... the cutest menaces to society that ever existed.

1. This cat knows what it's doing, and – frankly – it doesn't care.

2. You have to hand it to your coworker. He might not be good at his job, but at least he dresses the part.

3. Caught sleeping on the job. Literally.

4. Not exactly the keyboard we imagine when we think of cats against productivity and yet here we are.

5. Don't you hate it when you're the only one in the office who knows how to do something so everyone comes to you for advice?

6. "Why are you working right now?" this cat said. "It's such a beautiful day outside!"

7. Code red: we've got another sleeper.

8. Don't you hate a manager that micromanages and hovers over your every move?

9. Small laptop or big cat?

10. "Can we set up a brief meeting about this blep?"

11. This little guy just wants its human to take a little yoga break. Not for lazy reasons but for mental health reasons!

12. Honestly, if this coworker continues to sleep on the clock, HR is going to be called.

13. "Well, one of us has to work around here. What – did you think wet food grows on trees?"

14. I thought black cats were supposed to be bad luck, not bad employees.

15. Or when you schedule two meetings back to back, and the first one is running overtime.

16. This has to be some kind of HR violation, right?

17. And lastly, this cat is warning its human that their "10 minute YouTube break" has lasted entirely way too long. I guess not all cats rage war against productivity. 

I would include more "Cats vs. Productivity" pics, but... well, my cat just laid down on my keyboard so I guess work is finished for the day... So until he decides to get off his lazy bum, please drop your cats-on-keyboards pics in the comment section in solidarity for anyone else who has lost productivity due to EFL (extreme feline laziness).