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What Are Your Favorite Recipes With MSG? We Want To Hear Them!

Share your favorite MSG recipe with us, and it could be featured in a BuzzFeed post!

We all have those small, special things in our kitchens that make our favorite home-cooked meals exciting.

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Maybe it's the brand-new kitchenware you recently bought.

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Maybe it's that playlist you curated to guide your cooking adventure.

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Or maybe it’s a secret ingredient (like the totally delicious umami seasoning, MSG) that you add to your dishes to make them POP.

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What's MSG? MSG is a seasoning used in cooking to add savory umami taste and enhance your meal’s flavors. Have questions about MSG? Read this article mentioning MSG safety along with other helpful facts.

You might use MSG in those warm, tasty roasted vegetables...

Magone / Getty Images the creamy scrambled eggs you whip up in the morning to kickstart the day...

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...and even in that honey garlic shrimp your friends keep asking you to make again.

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Regardless of how you enjoy using it, let us know!

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Tell us: What are your amazing, delicious, home-cooked meals that include MSG as a secret ingredient?

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Describe the tasty MSG recipes you love cooking in the comments below, and they may appear in a future BuzzFeed post!