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My Great Talk With God

My biggest secret is that i have talked to god and have known the ultimate reality about universe, but just when i was further on my journey of reality and was about to uncover every secret of the universe and all powers of humans which make them limitless and ultimate superhuman which i had come to know of and even felt my real consciousness which has answer to everything and makes us superhuman, sleeping and only a little fake person living. Just then god told me something very deep meaning and i stopped for ever and got a bit emotional and so everything became the biggest secret ever. God had told me that entanglements create more entanglements, intrigue quest creates more intrigue quests, hungry ventures create more hungry ventures. But the thing remains the same, we just remain a little puff of experience, where no experience should be considered of low value in this world. The experience of fear of death and other things only gives value to the experience of life and goodness and makes us believe in happiness and good in this world. Exact words of God were: If Deer forgets the fear of death on running away from tiger then it will never be able to understand Life and it’s belief in goodness of life will be shaken completely. And about experience part the words were same. And God had also told me that he loves us all to the most but can never and will never be able to tell us complete truth about him or universe because it is the billions of colorful experiences (of all species) that are important in universe and which are close to him and if i or some other person come to know the complete reality then Life will become soulless and of no excitement and thrill and about suffering the above said info is already right. And he had also said that we can never think or understand him because our waves of thinking cannot go beyond the dimension of time and he is beyond time, everything in universe changes with time but not God. So i let go of this maddening quest of reality and left that journey behind :)

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My Great Talk With God

My journey towards reality ended with this sweet message from God :) Only some incidents are unforgettable in life 👍

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