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    18 Funny Fails That, Thank God, Didn’t Happen To You

    These are just tragic.

    1. This person tried to ask 38 people out at the same time.

    u/ddh85 / Via

    2. This picture is a reminder of how unnecessarily hot it gets in Florida.

    u/bobathehut / Via

    3. This person put a Walmart bag on their head to help the heat stay in while bleaching their hair.

    u/kttyfrncs / Via

    4. This picture is why no one should work on their roof when no one else is home.

    u/orangeworker / Via

    5. This person forgot some painfully crucial information.

    u/ventscalmes / Via

    6. This picture actually broke my spirit.

    u/TheMexicanJuan / Via

    7. This automatic air-freshner was placed in the wrong direction for too long.

    u/sitnspin0 / Via

    8. This person lied on their resume and completely regretted it.

    @shimz_afc / Via Twitter: @Shimz_Afc

    9. This person accidentally put more than a *dash* of pepper on their eggs.

    u/chickenalfredy / Via

    10. This person was calling their neighbor the wrong name for THREE. WHOLE. YEARS.


    11. This picture is a cautionary tale to not stack cups high in kitchen cabinets.

    u/DenHus23 / Via

    12. This awk Snapchat thread is why people should never make assumptions.

    u/OGangstaShitposter / Via

    13. This phone "hacker" was clearly an amateur.

    u/NateM135 / Via

    14. This person ordered a mask for Halloween and did NOT get what they expected.

    u/youngbuck- / Via

    15. This person wasn't exactly thrilled to be used as a highchair.

    u/deleted / Via

    16. This person got (rightfully) read for filth on Facebook.

    u/deleted / Via

    17. This person accidentally sent a text about their stepmom TO their stepmom.

    u/indissippiana / Via

    18. And lastly, this fail that I can't even begin to imagine how it happened.

    u/jnz00 / Via

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