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    25 Moments Only A Law Student In India Will Understand

    "My CV has only 8 Moots on it. My life is going nowhere."

    1. "Why are you planning to pursue law?" "To have it rain on me!"

    2. "And why are you planning to pursue Law?" "I wanna be the next Harvey Specter or Alan Shore."

    3. *Seductively whispers in your ear* "What's your CLAT rank? 'Cause I only date people from NLUs."

    4. "Oh no, I don't study at NLSIU, NALSAR or NUJS. All NLUs are the same."

    5. The obvious segregation in law schools: you're either 'cool' or you're not.

    6. My humbled Brethren, are thou even a freshman if you don't want to partake in the pompousness of a Parliamentary Debate?

    7. You HAVE to attend at least one law school fest.


    9. M.P. Jain for Constitution and Ratanlal Dhirajlal for Torts, too much for you? We always have V.N. Shukla and Bangia

    10. Shame on you if you have not done this the day before project submissions.

    11. Complete the entire Criminal Procedure Code overnight?

    12. Thank you law school, for sponsoring many a foreign trip!

    13. But then one day, administration decides to stop funding trips for Moots and Papers.

    14. "We won the XYZ National Moot and I also received best speaker."

    15. "And who won Best Memorials? Symbiosis Pune, again?"

    16. Publication fees for papers? No problem, as long as it gets you CV credentials.

    17. And when this happens.

    18. Every Law Firm ever.

    19. When your friend gets an internship set through a reference.

    20. But when you manage to land that Amarchand Mangaldas internship.

    21. Despite all the moot wins, paper publications and best internships, your social life is in shambles.

    22. The recruitment scenario is bleak.

    23. And they start asking "So, LLM or Judiciary?"

    24. But somehow, you manage to land a PPO at Khaitan.

    25. In the end, work is all about this.

    *sigh* And what we thought life after Law School was gonna be like.