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13 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Your Students' Union

Sheffield Hallam Students' Union may look like big metal tin can but there's way more to your Students' Union than you could ever imagine! Come in and see for yourself. See you in September!

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1. When you become a student at Sheffield Hallam, you automatically become a member of your Students' Union

Sheffield Hallam Students' Union / Via Sheffield Hallam Students' Union

That's right, the moment you accept your offer at Sheffield Hallam Uni, you automatically become a member of Sheffield Hallam Students' Union. You don't need to do anything but get involved.

2. The Students' Union is headed by 5 full time Student Officers

That's right each year we, your Students' Union, hold an election where absolutely any Hallam student (1st year, 2nd year, final year, anyone) can put themselves forward for a position. During voting week, all students are required to vote for the students that they want to represent them. It pretty much works in the same way as a general election. It's loads of fun and takes over campus, it is pretty hard to miss it. You can find all the Officers contact details here

3. We have an upstairs

Sheffield Hallam Students' Union / Via Sheffield Hallam Students' Union

The stairs may not be in the most visible location, but we do have a first floor! To access the stairs simply turn right when you first enter into the building past the café and the stairs are after the double doors to the left. Upstairs you can find, HubSpace which is a nice bright space to sit and have your lunch or get some work done, The Stage - used for a range of events - students can book this space out too. There is a chill out zone called The Common room where you can challenge a friend to a game of pool, play one of many board games or just chill between lectures and the Den where you can just chill and use the toilets. There are also laptops that you can loan out, all you need is your SHU card. And finally the Advice Centre which leads us nicely onto the next fact...

4. We have a free and independent Advice Centre

Sheffield Hallam Students' Union / Via Sheffield Hallam Students' Union

The Advice Centre, located upstairs on the first floor, is a service worth knowing about. If you ever have any problem what so ever, no matter how big or small, they can help you with it.

5. We are NOT the university

Sheffield Hallam University / Via

We are in fact two separate entities that often work together because at the end of the day, you (our students), are at the centre of both our worlds.

6. There is a secret office towards the back of the HUBS

Sheffield Hallam Students' Union / Via Sheffield Hallam Students' Union

Ok, so it's not really a secret but a lot of people don't know it exists. This office which goes by the name of the Support Pod is home to the Students' Union Office Services team i.e. HR and Marketing who do a lot of the behind the scenes work. It is also home to the Finance office. you will most likely, at some point, need to pay them a visit to pick up things that you have paid for, pay for trips etc.

7. You can get food and drink pretty cheap here.

Mark Harvey / Via Twitter: @harper_heart

So true! You can get brunch for under a fiver, cheap drinks and more. Basically, just know that whichever one of our food outlets you choose to eat in, whether it be Coffee Union or the Hideout, you won't be breaking the bank.

8. We sell and print NUS Extra cards, you know that blue card that gives you access to hundreds of discounts, like... everywhere!

Yup that's right, you no longer have to wait for your NUS Extra card to arrive in the post, now you can buy it in the HUBS and collect it there and then. You can also purchase a 2 and 3 year card. Bear this in mind especially when you get to your finally year because it means that you can continue to save like a student even after you graduate!

10. We have laptops in the HUBS that all students can loan out

Sheffield Hallam Students' Union / Via Sheffield Hallam Students'

That's right, these laptops are located up on the magical first floor that you now all know exists. All you need to book a laptop out is your SHU Card.

11. We have a FREE shuttle bus for Hallam students that goes between City and Collegiate campuses

Sheffield Hallam Students' Union

Yup that's right. The shuttle bus was secured by the student Officers. Just one of the many things that they have secured for Hallam students over the years. The bus leaves from the Students' Union, also known as 'the HUBS', and drops you off outside the Heart of the Campus (Collegiate) making a few stops along the way. Timetable and route to follow...

12. We offer students lots and lots of opportunities

The Students' Union has so much to offer you! We offer a whole host of opportunities for you to develop leadership skills, to join a society, to volunteer, we have student staff jobs and so much more! Did you know that the Students' Union bar, Hideout, was actually completely re-designed by Hallam Interior Design students? Impressive right? So make sure one of the first things you do is have a browse on our website and pay us a visit when you get here in September to see what opportunities are waiting for you...

13. You can get FREE printing at the Students' Union

Yup, that's right. All you have to do is simply download the Printt App from your phone/tablet App store, upload your files and head to the HUBS to print your documents for free. *Perfect for lecture notes and reading materials, should not be used for coursework and assignments.

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