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    This England Cricketer's Poppy Fell Off In A Photoshoot And People Have A Lot Of Thoughts

    "I'm offended that Moeen Ali would allow Stuart Broad to wear those socks."

    This is Moeen Ali, an international cricketer for England.

    He's set to be one the most influential players of his generation, having scored over 600 runs and taken 35 wickets in Tests and one-day internationals for England this summer.

    This weekend the Professional Cricketers' Association tweeted a photo of the England squad ahead of the Ashes Test series played against Australia.

    Good luck to @root66 & the @englandcricket squad who fly out to Australia this morning, do something special boys!…

    People lost their damn minds when they noticed Ali was the only one in the team not wearing a poppy on his lapel in the photoshoot.

    Someone explain to me why @MoeenAli has chosen not to wear a poppy, shouldn't represent the country if not willing…

    The people demanded answers.

    Come on @MoeenAli and @ECB_cricket why wasn’t you wearing a poppy? What is your reason?

    They had a lot of thoughts.

    I don’t know what’s worse.. the fact Moeen Ali didn’t wear a poppy or the fact so many people are trying to excuse him

    He's happy to make a statement when it suits @MoeenAli @ECB_cricket

    A LOT of thoughts.

    If Moeen Ali was not allowed to wear the #SaveGaza wrist band, why does he have to wear the poppy?

    But then some people were looking for evidence and found Ali had in fact been wearing a poppy on his arrival in Australia.

    And Ali later confirmed it had fallen off during the photoshoot.

    England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) sources also confirmed to BuzzFeed News the poppy fell off, and that there are photos of the cricketer wearing it on arrival.

    Some people had argued it didn't matter in the first place.

    Why isn't Moeen Ali wearing a poppy? Easy, because we live in a free society where we can choose to do things without being forced by others

    While others spotted the greater disgrace here, which is Stuart Broad's bright blue socks.

    I'm offended that Moeen Ali would allow Stuart Broad to wear those socks.

    Stuart Broad with the light blue socks there, disgrace!

    Others saw this as the start of this year's poppy policing.

    I see Moeen Ali is the latest target of the poppy police.

    And others see the whole thing as a storm in a teacup.

    Big Moeen Ali getting your old man in a right poppy-based rage this morning. Hero.

    But mostly everyone just wants him to do well for the England team.

    Couldn't give a shit if Moeen Ali wears a poppy or not. If he takes 10-for at the SCG I'll be happy and he'll be a hero.