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  • Would You Fly For Food?

    Did you know there are more than 5,000 airports in the United States? While most people know the large airports that cater to commercial traffic, there are thousands more small public and private airfields all across America.

  • 10 Little Airports With Big Views And Great Eats

    In honor of Sun n’ Fun’s 40th Anniversary (April 1-6, Lakeland Florida) – the ultimate spring break for pilots – we traveled to 10 of our favorite fly-in restaurants. Little airports with awesome views and amazing food. These local airport destinations have been wowing aviators and non-pilots alike with amazing meals and stunning views. Icing on the cake? You can see some really cool planes and meet real life heroes and heroines. Discover dining destinations at airports near you at Air Fare America: Where do you fly for food and fun?

  • 14 Reasons To Earn Your Wings

    While flying commercial airlines can be a logistical headache plagued with more restrictions and less options than ever before, you have another choice. Avoid the human cattle-call and open your world to thousands of new destinations by earning your pilot’s license. Discover the freedom, control, time savings and travel opportunities millions of pilots worldwide experience every time they take off and land. While you’re at it, check out the cool characters, aviation history and often amazing restaurants and cafes at local airports everywhere. Tame.

  • 18 High-Flying Celebs

    Do you know which celebrities are members of this ‘frequent fliers’ club? Here are 18 public figures who are also private pilots. These “Celebrivators” (celeb aviators) are a handful of the 500,000 people in the U.S. who have a pilot’s license. Tame.

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