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The Ultimate Guide To Becoming An Airbnb Host

Everything you need to know, do, and expect before you open up your home as an Airbnb host.

Looking to become a "hostess with the mostest?" Well, it's easier than you'd think! Before you get started, familiarize yourself with Airbnb's policies, local regulations, your HOA rules, and/or your rental lease to make sure you're eligible.

Airbnb provides free Host Protection Insurance, but make sure you're covered from things like property damage for your space and with liability insurance for yourself.

Check out the competition and figure out how much to charge.

Give yourself a leg up and make a really freakin' awesome listing.

The pictures will speak a thousand words — seriously, a good set of photos will bring people in and often be the determining factor of whether or not they book.

Make sure you set very clear and simple house rules for your guests.

Pay attention to details when setting up your rental.

Don't skimp on decor that'll give your space personality but make sure not to clutter it up.

Keep your place clean! Fresh linens, sparkling floors, and organized shelves speak volumes to the comfort your space can bring.

Invest in some upgrades for your space that'll make all the difference for your guests — like a comfy mattress, cozy sheets, sturdy pillows, and luxurious towels.

Stock the bathroom and kitchen with essentials like cotton swabs, coffee, and lots and lots of toilet paper.

Remember, your guests are probably new to the area, so give them tips, recommendations, and resources to help them along on their trip.

Stuff happens. Leaks can spring, doors can lock, and electricity can...stop electrifying — so make sure you have some trusted resources on speed dial!

Make sure to avoid some pretty big don'ts and save yourself (and your guests) the headache!

You can find additional details about becoming a host with Airbnb here. By following a few simple rules, you'll be ready to transform your home into a coveted vacation spot in no time!