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13 Awesome Ways To Make Your Road Trip More Epic

Road trips are a way of life. Don't let yours be ordinary. Pass the time and make your next car-based voyage crazier, zanier, and quirkier by following a few easy steps.

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1. Instead of using your phone, use a real map to plot your route. Write notes about your stops, and you can even frame it later as a memento.

SparkTruck / Via Flickr: sparktruck

It never runs out of battery, never loses a signal, and guarantees you'll have some unplanned adventures along the way. Make fun notes about all the weird places you encounter, so you'll never forget them.

2. If you're in multiple cars (or even if you're not) grab a pair of walkie talkies for the road.


Faster and easier than fumbling with cell phones and texting, and more reliable for off-road and middle-of-nowhere communications. Plus you get to hear the "ktscccchhh" noise. Who doesn't love that?

3. And use them to play games. Lots of games.

Michelle Landroche / Via Flickr: mlandroche

Simple ones like The Movie Game or the License Plate Game, or more complicated ones that utilize stuff everyone probably brought, like Music Wars.

7. There's nothing like a random rest stop with some personality for fun souvenirs of your time on the road.

Philip Schatz / Via Flickr: philschatz

Always be on the lookout for something that seems out of place. Like the Czech Stop on I-35 between Dallas and Austin. It's a well known Czech bakery, randomly located in West Texas.

11. Do some research beforehand, and play regional food bingo. Gotta find them all!

Guian Bolisay / Via Flickr: instantvantage

Random gas stations are excellent places to find the country's weirdest regional food.

12. Or more specifically, regional candy bingo.

Maya83 / Via Flickr: maya83

Candy is one of the most regionally specific products in the US. Like Big Hunk candy, which you can only get in the Pacific Northwest. Find out some beloved regional candies here.

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