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    14 Cleaning Products That Absolute Geniuses Must’ve Been Responsible For

    Hats off to the people making our lives that little bit easier.

    1. A pet hair lint roller to get your home in tip top shape!

    2. A drain snake makes cleaning gunk out of your sink a cinch — even if it is totally gross.

    3. A very serious cordless blower to really make you feel in control.

    4. A spinning makeup brush cleaner to rid your brushes of bacteria.

    5. A couple of magic laundry balls to really lighten your load.

    6. A microfingers dusting glove that is as clever as it is creepy.

    7. Be the source of major epidermis envy with a snazzy Face Halo.

    8. A very simple but very effective washing-up mate called a Palm Scrub.

    9. A whizzy Robovac to make light work of household chores.

    10. A tile and grout cleaner to get your bathroom gleaming, sans the elbow grease.

    11. A UV sanitiser for your phone to kill those icky germs.

    12. A handy jewellery cleaner — because nobody likes dull diamonds and greenish gold.

    13. A double sided window cleaner for the ultimate shine and a speedy clean.

    14. And finally, an all-purpose drill brush to channel your inner Tim 'The Tool Man' Taylor.