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    7 Ways To Make Your Life A Bit Better This Week

    One step at a time.

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    1. If you've got 3 minutes: Try out a pillow spray.

    2. If you've got 5 minutes: Find your well.

    3. If you've got 10 minutes: Read about somebody else's journey.

    4. If you've got 15 minutes: Try an old-school puzzle.

    5. If you've got 20 minutes: Reset your expectations.

    6. If you've got 30 minutes: Go to a class with a friend.

    7. If you have 30 seconds: Read this tweet.

    Johns Hopkins gives Honorary Master's Degree to service dog after attending every one of his owner's classes.

    This is a weekly series! Got a self-care tip you’d like to suggest? Let me know in the comments or tweet me.