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16 Places You Must Have Hot Chocolate Before You Die

Death by chocolate.

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1. Choccy Woccy Doo Dah, Brighton

Facebook: choccywoccy

The people at Choccy Woccy sure know their hot chocolate. Think oozing cream, hidden marshmallows, a chocolate twist and rich hot chocolate. You can choose from dark, milk or white – or take it to the next level and go with caramel like the photo above.

If you can't visit, then recreate the experience at home with their custom hot chocolate kit.

2. Miles Bar, Ramsgate

Towering hot chocolates with a Flake stirrer? Yes please. Make sure to order the Hot Chocolate Culture to get marshmallows, whipped cream and a Flake included.

Located right on the harbour, the best time to visit Miles' is on a rainy day. Gaze out the window at the stormy sea, while staying cosy indoors.

3. Mary's Milk Bar, Edinburgh

For something a little different, try out a Hot Chocolate Float at Mary's. Make a custom hot chocolate (the float on the right is white chocolate and cardamom hot chocolate, the one on the left is a dark chocolate and sea salt hot chocolate) and add a scoop of your choice of gelato.

Be warned, they tend to sell out – and they only accept cash.

4. York Cocoa House, York

Facebook: York

It would be rude to ignore the hot chocolate at this literal ~ chocolate emporium ~. Inspired by Georgian Chocolate Houses, there's plenty of choice (from peppermint hot chocolate to ginger or Yorkshire rose). Plus, who can resist a hot chocolate place that advocates adding a slosh of red wine to your cup?

If you can't visit, then recreate the experience at home with their hot chocolate kits.


5. Chin Chin Labs, London

Facebook: 133267400038990

Prepare yourself for something pretty special: Valrhona hot chocolate and a home-made blow-torched marshmallow. Amazing, right? Now, take it to the next level and get a scoop of nitro ice-cream on the side. You may as well go all in.

6. Said, London

Facebook: said1923uk

Said is the London outpost of a Roman café, and actual chocolate factory. Go for white, dark or milk hot chocolate and enjoy the chocolate coating on the cup. Top tip? A milk hot chocolate with a triple dipped cup will get you a sweet drink with all the other chocolate flavours on the cup.

7. Tinderbox, Glasgow

Tinderbox may be best known for their coffee, but they serve up a mean hot chocolate too. The serving sizes are generous, and you can branch out with a super-sweet white hot chocolate if you fancy it.

8. Chocolat Chocolat, Cambridge

Facebook: chocolatcambridge

This dreamy chocolatier is all you could want on a cold winter's day. Watch the staff make sheet chocolate in the window, and then step in to buy a hot chocolate shot with all the trimmings. Like this one which has cream, raspberry powder and a chocolate heart to boot.

If you can't visit, then recreate the experience at home with a hot chocolate kit.


10. Pettigrew Tea Rooms, Cardiff

This pretty tearoom dishes up refined elegance and high tea in spades, but make space for their hot chocolate too. Hot chocolate in vintage china, served in a Victorian gatehouse? Delightful, darling.

11. Black Milk Cereal, Manchester

Sure, a cup of hot chocolate may pale in comparison to some of Black Milk's other offerings (like this sticky toffee pudding milkshake).

But their hot chocolate can certainly hold its own. Choose from four flavours (Salted Caramel and Milk Chocolate, Vanilla and White Chocolate, Salt and Dark Chocolate or Reese's Pieces and Milk Chocolate) and stack a brownie on top, because life's too short.

12. Cocoa Wonderland, Sheffield

Facebook: cocoachocolatewonderland

This marvellous sweet shop and chocolate factory serves up all around good vibes. It's run by two best friends! They learned how to make chocolate! There are sweets as far as the eye can see!

If it's hot chocolate you're here for, then go for the Full Monty – hot chocolate topped with cream, marshmallows, chocolate buttons and brownie pieces. Yum.


13. Artisan Cheesecakes, Edinburgh

Come for the cheesecakes, stay for the OTT hot chocolates. In this case: Belgian white hot chocolate with peanut butter, cream and home made marshmallows. Need I say more?

14. Mog on the Tyne, Newcastle

Newcastle's cat café not only has an adorable name, it also serves up a mean hot chocolate too. Marshmallows, cream and a biscuit tuile PLUS sweet sweet kittens? The dream.

15. Gourmet Coffee, Liverpool

Facebook: GourmetCoffeeUK

Marvel at the sheer range of hot chocolates on offer. In this photo alone we have: After Eight, Toffee Crisp, Rolo and Crunchie.

And they've got more as well – Milkybar, and Terry's Chocolate Orange are just some of the flavours available. Which to choose?

16. Jessie's Kitchen, Dundee

Are you ready for a killer combo? Nutella hot chocolate AND a ever-changing scone of the week. This week's scone: Bramble and White Chocolate. YUM.