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    Everyone Is Talking About This Life-Changing Hair Product On Amazon

    Say "farewell" to hair tie marks.

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    So, if you have ever tied your hair back, you will know ~ the mark~.

    Obsessed with Elisabeth Moss's 'this is where I keep my spare hairband' mark that every woman has bore

    You know, the mark on your wrist from where you keep your spare hair tie.

    I think the real mark of adulthood and professionalism is when you stop wearing a hair tie on your wrist

    I mean, I have a pixie cut and still....?

    Ailbhe Malone/ BuzzFeed

    So, let us all sing hallelujah for this bracelet which means you can finally have it all. A spare hair tie, without a red mark!,

    It costs £25, comes in silver or rose gold, and has a little slot to make a ~ design feature~ out of your hair tie.

    People can't get enough of it. It has 28 five-star reviews out of 30 (the other two are 4 stars).


    "This is such a perfect bracelet!!! How did I not have one before. I always have a tie around my wrist regardless if my hair is already tied. This is made of amazing stainless steel and it's pretty weighty. I have already ordered more for my room mates too. I was surprised at how pretty it was, even as a plain bracelet. It's super handy and it saves me searching for a tie. It came pretty well wrapped and then in a draw string material bag, pretty enough for a gift. I can't wait to try out new bands and also order the other colour bracelet." – Mark Robinson

    "I was shocked at the quality of this bracelet - it is really lovely. It is nice and chunky and, although I have worn it daily, it has remained shiny and hasn't tarnished! I have had loads of compliments on it as it looks funky and is so practical! The idea is brilliant as I find having hair bands round your wrist all the time gets annoying and makes you look like a teenager (which I am not by the way!!) Over all I would give this a massive 10 out of 10!!" – Cat

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