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7 Cult Beauty Products We Tried And Loved In August

Tried and loved by BuzzFeed staff. Including a liquid matte lipstick that that's super-cheap and not drying at all.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. A cult mascara that will give you Disney Princess-level lashes for days.

Ailbhe Malone/ BuzzFeed, Eyeko

Like Jo March in Little Women, I've always believed in my One True Beauty. For Jo, it was her hair. For me, it's my eyelashes. They're long and dark and thick and carry all my hopes and dreams. So I'm really picky about my mascara – it takes a lot to take me away from Benefit's They're Real. But Lash Alert by Eyeko stands up.

It's lengthening but feels easy to wear, it coats lashes but doesn't leave them spidery, and is long-lasting but comes off easily when you wash your face. It is incredibly difficult to take photos of your eyelashes, but in this pic I'm only wearing Lash Alert and some kohl on my eyes, and they look like a Disney Princess's. Not to brag, but one true beauty etc.

Excitingly, we've got a discount code for BuzzFeed readers on all purchases of Lash Alert until 30th September: BUZZFEED20

Get it at Eyeko, £19


2. A liquid matte lipstick that's super-cheap and not drying at all.

"I love this liquid matte lipstick by Superdrug, which is only £6.99 and not drying at all, so if you hate liquid mattes for that reason, give these a try! Unsurprisingly, my fave colour is "1995" and it comes out as a ~nude~ on me." – Gena-mour Barrett

Get B. Matte Liquid Lipstick 1995 at Superdrug, £6.99

3. A moisturising curl cream that boosts curls without leaving them heavy, lifeless or greasy.

"For as long as I can remember, or as long as my mum allowed me to do my own hair, I have worn it in the tightest of ponytails. My ponytails were so slick, it would be hard for anyone to tell where my forehead ended and my hairline begun.

But years of tightness took its toll on my edges. My hair was thinning and I had to think quick before I lost it all. I reluctantly let my hairband go, let my natural curls loose and embraced my self-styled afro.

After spending a small fortune (I’m not even exaggerating) on products that didn’t work or left my hair feeling heavy, lifeless and greasy, one of my friends gave me ORS Curl Amplifying Gel Souffle.

It hadn’t worked for her hair, which is a little thicker than mine, so she suggested I try it and it was honestly love at first use. My curls actually flourished.

For my ladies with relatively thin afro hair, the product is moisturising without being heavy, can be used daily with a leave-in conditioner (I use Keracare Leave In Conditioner) and the best part? There is no product build-up. RESULT!" – Dionne Grant

Get it at Boots, £6.29

4. A high-coverage concealer that is longlasting and moisturising too.

"I've previously used Bobbi Brown's famous concealer kit but found the application annoying (it's a little cream pot with a powder for setting) so I switched to the highly rated NARS creamy radiant concealer because I really liked the wand application and the lightness, but the coverage wasn't as good. So I was so excited to find that Bobbi Brown had recently come out with a new wand-applicator concealer with all of the promises of its high coverage concealer kit.

"The formula is quite thick (it's high coverage after all) but it feel less sticky than the original kit and it's super moisturising so doesn't go dry in little eye wrinkles.The wand application makes it much easier to apply and it lasts pretty long too. I got it in 'Honey' and will definitely be buying again if I can get my hands on it – last time I bought it the lady told me it's now the fastest-selling product they have!"– Remee Patel

Get Instant Full Cover Concealer by Bobbi Brown, £23

5. A luxurious body cream that smells way more expensive than it actually is.

"I love all the bath and body products from & Other Stories and I feel like they’re on par with more expensive brands like Aesop. The fragrances are really subtle and natural, especially ones like Fig Fiction and Frozen Verbena. I actually stocked up during the sales and bought about three tubs of these because I love them so much. The product absorbs really quickly and feels light but it is also super moisturising." – Natalya Lobanova

Get Fig Fiction Body Soufflé at Other Stories, £10

6. A clever organiser that means you can store your make-up brushes easily, no matter where you are.

"I am one of those people that has a lot of brushes, it is almost ridiculous. I normally keep them in a pot and have to sort through which one I need every morning. So when I got sent this organizer I was just pleased to have more convenient way to store my brushes.

It works by sticking to your mirror, and it sticks very firmly. I use mine for more than brushes, it also holds my mascara, eye liner and a few other bits too. It basically holds every thing I need for my everyday makeup. It's not life-changing, but it's pretty useful." – Tolani Shoneye

Get it at Real Techniques, £14

7. An value for money invisible hair oil that will salvage heat-styled hair.

"Despite having fairly thick hair, I would always get loads of static flyaways and snapped hairs when drying it. But using this before every blowdry has made a massive difference in improving the look and feel of my hair, and it no longer feels as elastic and weak as it did before.

"Even though it’s an oil, it’s really lightweight and not at all greasy, so you can spray loads of it on, which I would definitely recommend doing if you use heated styling tools regularly. Plus you get loads in the bottle so it’s excellent value for money!" – Jasmin Nahar

Get BB Hairdresser's Oil at Look Fantastic, £20.50

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