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35 Questions You Always Ask At Chop't

Bread or no bread?

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1. What is the deal with that apostrophe?

2. Am I in the right line?

3. Do I want a salad?

4. Or a wrap?

5. A Classic Salad?

6. What is a destination salad?

7. How can a salad be a destination?

8. Shall I build my own salad?

9. How are there so many types of lettuce?

10. Can I mix them?

11. Do I want to mix them?

12. Do I want palm hearts?

13. Or plantain chips?

14. How do I have such strong feelings about plantain chips?

15. Am I in the right line?

16. How much eye contact should I make with the chopper?

17. Chop'r?

18. Is that knife safe?

19. Which dressing do I want?

20. What is a spa dressing?

21. How much dressing do I want?

22. Is this too much dressing?

23. Are they judging my dressing choice?

24. How have I made so many decisions in the past five minutes?

25. Is it time to pay now?

26. Do I want bread?

27. Do I have to pay for it?

28. No?

29. Do I want a sea salt caramel?

30. Do I want two?

31. Can I get a receipt?

32. Do I want to become a frequent chop'r?

33. When do the decisions end?

34. Am I in the right line?

35. How much did I just spend on salad?