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    17 Outrageously Cute Dog Hallowe'en Costumes

    The holiday that we all deserve.

    1. The perfect rufferee.

    2. This genius wolf in sheep's clothing.

    3. The sweetest dino-pup.

    4. This spoopy Shibe.

    5. This triceratops-doodle.

    6. This creative spider-dog.

    7. This pumpkin pupper.

    8. This paws-idential candidate.

    9. This glamorous peacock.

    10. This IRL beanie baby.

    11. This super-chill clown.

    12. These pumpkin pals.

    13. This skunk in disguise.

    14. This simple Petey from Little Rascals.

    15. This cape that lets the ears do all the work.

    17. This bull and rider (watch the video, you must watch the video).