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    15 Tried And Tested Items With Over 1k Reviews On Amazon

    Tried, tested and loved by real people.

    1. A home pedicure roller that will banish cracked skin and salvage hard-working heels.

    2. A pocket-sized sharpener that will prolong the life of your knives, but take up no space in the kitchen.

    3. A set of make up brushes that are made with cruelty-free bristles, come with a case that turns into a stand and they will last for ages.

    4. A seriously bargain hair dryer that truly punches above its weight.

    5. A coffee press that will make you a consistently good cup of joe.

    6. A drying rack that is big enough to take two loads of washing, and has extra space for hangers too.

    7. A genuinely useful rubbish bin that you'll want to text all your friends about (honest!)

    8. An easy peeler that will quickly become a kitchen essential.

    9. A set of dreamy deep sleep pillows that come with a 2 year guarantee.

    10. A nifty gadget that means you can have restaurant-quality fries on standby at all times.

    11. A folding guest bed that's easy to put away when you don't need it.

    12. A budget primer that will make your face look Instagram-ready and filter free.

    13. A genius microwavable soup mug that means you'll never worry about your tupperware leaking in your bag again.

    14. A wax burner that will last so much longer than buying candles, and is cheaper to boot.

    15. A water flosser that is a saviour for anyone who wears braces, or who just wants healthier gums tbh.

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