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    15 Tried And Tested Items With Over 1k Reviews On Amazon

    Tried, tested and loved by real people.

    1. A home pedicure roller that will banish cracked skin and salvage hard-working heels.

    Product: Scholl Velvet Smooth Diamond Pedi Hard Skin Remover
    Number of reviews: 7k
    Average rating: 4.4/ 5

    Promising review: "I was suffering from a cracked heel and after being advised by a foot care practitioner to file it twice a day I needed something to help. This made light work of the hard skin and after using it for a couple of minutes i could really see the difference. I've used this product several times and the file doesn't seem to be blunting which is great although you can buy new files separate to replace the existing." – Mr and Mrs Edwards

    Get it on Amazon, £19.45, or get a similar one in the US for $15.07.

    2. A pocket-sized sharpener that will prolong the life of your knives, but take up no space in the kitchen.,

    Product: AnySharp Knife Sharpener with PowerGrip, Blue
    Number of reviews: 5k
    Average rating: 4.5/5

    Promising review: "Alright, let's say when I received this product I was skeptical. Being Chinese and always chopping up vegetables and meat..bones etc with my one and only cleaver... My cleaver was so blunt it could hardly cut meat anymore. I was so lucky to have found this on Amazon! I basically just slide my cleaver on this sharpener literally 20 times, and voila! My cleaver is so so sharp it could literally chop through rock! :D

    Anyway, this sharpener is very handy. And I have also sharpened my bread knife, fruit knife and filet knife... With minimal power.

    Great product! And handy to carry as well. Palm sized as shown in picture." – Sugar Girl

    Get it on Amazon, £9.74, or in the US for $11.49.

    3. A set of make up brushes that are made with cruelty-free bristles, come with a case that turns into a stand and they will last for ages.,

    Product: Real Techniques Core Collection Kit
    Number of reviews: 3k
    Average rating: 4.6/5

    Promising review: "Got these after buying the eye starter kit. I have definitely fallen in love with real techniques brushes and you can't go wrong with this collection. I tend to use the three larger ones more than the smaller one but that may just be because I do not wear a lot of make up." – Claire B

    Get them on Amazon, £8.29, or in the US for $12.36.

    4. A seriously bargain hair dryer that truly punches above its weight.

    Product: Remington D3010 2000W Power Dry Hair Dryer
    Number of reviews: 2.1k
    Average rating: 4.3/5

    Promising review:
    "SO GOOD! I'm really chuffed with this, for the price its amazing, it doesn't sound that powerful but it is and the attachment on the end makes my hair nice and straight" – Katie

    Get it on Amazon, £12, or in the US for $22.07.

    5. A coffee press that will make you a consistently good cup of joe.,

    Product: Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker
    Number of reviews 1.8k
    Average rating: 4.7/5

    Promising review: A fantastic piece of kit. It makes smooth, rich coffee on par with an espresso machine for a fraction of the cost. However, a fairer comparison would be between the AeroPress and a cafetiere, in which case it's in a different league! You'll spend a few days watching YouTube videos and tinkering with the ratio of coffee to water but after that you'll have fresh coffee brewed in a couple of minutes. Also highly recommended ecommended for travelling and camping".– Amazon Customer

    Get it on Amazon, £23.84, or in the US for $29.95.

    6. A drying rack that is big enough to take two loads of washing, and has extra space for hangers too.

    Product: Minky 3 Tier Indoor Airer
    Number of reviews: 1.7k
    Average rating: 4.5/5

    Promising review: "I have had probably 4 or 5 dryers similar to this one, either non brand or some cheaper alternatives. My approach was that there is no point paying £20 for few pieces of metal. Surely it is all the same. Well, this is exactly the reason I already had several of these and never lasted more than few months. Fed up with the poor quality ones, I decided to invest in Minky. And I am glad I did. The quality and robustness is evident straight out of the box. It is heavier but very well made. It is tall, rigid, stable, and robust.

    Folds easily and erects even easier. I have absolutely no regrets, and in time I am sure it will save me money. Buy Minky, buy once!" – PJP

    Get it on Amazon, £19.99, or in the US for $32.66.

    7. A genuinely useful rubbish bin that you'll want to text all your friends about (honest!),

    Product: Curver 40 L Metal Effect Plastic One Touch Deco Bin
    Number of reviews: 3.2k
    Average rating: 4.3/5

    Promising review: "Great, space saving kitchen bin. Flat, rear edge flush against wall. Have had no problem with lid as other reviews have said - just got to remember NOT TO BASH IT OPEN!! That way, you won't have a problem! Great bin, arrived in good time & good price! Recommend." – fussybugga

    Get it on Amazon, £24.99, or in the US for $77.51.

    8. An easy peeler that will quickly become a kitchen essential.


    Product: OXO Good Grips Y Peeler
    Number of reviews: 1.4k
    Average rating: 4.8/5

    Promising review:
    "Absolutely love this - it makes peeling a joy and actually leaves my potatoes with a mirror shine! Easy to use and takes the pain out of peeling." – S Mason

    Get it on Amazon, £4.79, or in the US for $8.99.

    9. A set of dreamy deep sleep pillows that come with a 2 year guarantee.

    Product: Silentnight Deep Sleep Pillow
    Number of reviews: 1.2k
    Average rating: 3.8/5

    Promising review: "Was apprehensive when unpacking as I sleep on double pillows and didn't think these would be comfortable. Seemed a bit bulky and too tall.

    After unpacking and second night sleep, they're actually very comfortable and would thoroughly recommend. Just sink into them." – Matthew

    Get it on Amazon, £8.99, or in the US for $54.88+.

    10. A nifty gadget that means you can have restaurant-quality fries on standby at all times.,

    Product: KitchenCraft Potato Chipper / Vegetable Cutter Machine
    Number of reviews: 1.1k
    Average rating: 4.3/5

    Promising review: "Got fed up with cutting chips by hand to put in the actifry - so got this little gadget. Has a suction pad on the bottom which stops it slipping around most of the time. Works well on ordinary potatoes. Reasonably easy to clean although you can get little bits of spud stuck in the bottom which you need to free with a knife." – Sue

    Get it on Amazon, £15.95, or in the US for $27.25.

    11. A folding guest bed that's easy to put away when you don't need it.

    Product: JAY-BE Venus Single Folding Guest Bed
    Number of reviews: 1k
    Average rating: 4/5

    Promising review:
    "Great bed as a spare for guests or a child. I have tried lying on it and it is comfortable. Easy to fold up and put away under the cover. Excellent." – Celine Beaton

    Get it on Amazon, £79, or get a similar one in the US for $99.

    12. A budget primer that will make your face look Instagram-ready and filter free.,

    Product: W7 Prime Magic Primer
    Number of reviews: 1.7k
    Average rating: 4.2/5

    Promising review: "I bought this primer when trying to cut down the amount I was spending on make up and I was worried about the quality compared to my usual £23 primer. I shouldn't have been worried because this primer is fab! It's very silky and helps my foundation stay on all day. You only need to use a small amount too. I would definitely recommend this product." – Lauren Yates

    Get it on Amazon, £3.99, or in the US for $4.67.

    13. A genius microwavable soup mug that means you'll never worry about your tupperware leaking in your bag again.

    Product: Sistema Microwave Soup Mug
    Number of reviews: 1.4k
    Average rating: 4.5/5

    Promising review: "Love these mugs. Great for freezing soup and taking to work when needed. No leaks, no drips, perfect seal and the retaining clips snap closed reassuringly... beware of pound shop wannabes these are far better and for not much more." – chochouse

    Get it on Amazon, £4, or in the US for $6.99.

    14. A wax burner that will last so much longer than buying candles, and is cheaper to boot.

    Product: Yankee Candle Cream Petal Wax Burner
    Number of reviews: 1k
    Average rating: 4.8/5

    Promising review:
    "I have been using mine for about 3 weeks now and I definitely cannot complain. It looks very nice and it is a great accessory.

    Overall I think tart burners are a better investment than candles, as they often turn out cheaper and you can rotate different flavors/smells more often.

    The really great thing is, if you are using official Yankee candle wax tarts, there is really no need for cleaning the Tart burner bowl, as the tarts just "pop out" when you apply pressure once they’re solid. That saves quite a bit of effort." – michal182

    Get it on Amazon, £7.04, or in the US from eBay for $10.60.

    15. A water flosser that is a saviour for anyone who wears braces, or who just wants healthier gums tbh.

    Product: Waterpik Cordless Plus Water Flosser
    Number of reviews: 1k
    Average rating: 3.8/5

    Promising review:
    "Recommended by my dentist. The best tool to clean between teeth and around gums especially if you have implants." – JR

    Get it on Amazon, £44.99, or in the US for $55.90.

    Reviews have been edited for length and clarity.