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    15 Journals That Are Perfect For Everyone You Know

    There's something here for everyone.

    1. For someone who's always on the go, choose this leather-bound refillable travellers' notebook.

    2. For someone who's stuck in a creative rut or who's brainstorming a new creative project, encourage them with a journal they can wreck.

    3. For someone who's short on time but loves to reminisce, buy this one-line-a-day journal.

    4. For someone that wants to chill out but doesn't know where to start, try this mindfulness journal.

    5. For someone who wants to start bullet journalling but doesn't know where to begin, give them this interactive guide.

    6. For the seasoned bullet journaller in your life, choose from a wide selection of coloured Leuchtturm journals.

    7. For the most shit-together-iest person you know, get them a 365 planner.

    8. For someone who thinks in pictures, not in words, try a sketch-a-day journal.

    9. For the night owl in your family tree, keep them occupied with a nocturnal journal.

    10. For someone who has snooping siblings and needs to lock their journal, get 'em one that's sturdy and cute.

    11. For someone who wants to build a mood-boosting routine into their day, try the six-minute diary.

    12. For the academic whose life needs a slightly different calendar, go classic with a Moleskine.

    13. For your friend who's got a five-year plan, give them all the planning tools they need in one diary.

    14. For your busy friend who prefers to plan day-to-day than week-to-week try a weekly planner.

    15. For the one in your friend group who's getting married next, try this handy planner that doubles as a keepsake.