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Ariana Grande Mortified Her Grandma, And Like, We're Living

Grammie, I don't think we're on Nickelodeon anymore

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Pop Princess Ariana Grande has been no stranger to turns heads with her flawless voice and chart topping hits.

From her Nickelodeon days as Cat on Victorious....

...From the productive and catchy "Side to Side" music video, we've seen plenty different phases of Ariana.

At a recent Dangerous Woman Tour Show in Las Vegas, Grande got the attention of someone special...her grandma

Grande has been vocal and her love for her grandparents in the past, so her Grandma showing up definitely meant something special.

When Grande started a rendition of her song "Bad Decisions," brother, Frankie Grande


Cue the lyrics "Don't you know I ain't fucking with them good boys?" and a startled Grandma Grande

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Honestly, nothing has ever made me feel this way. See it for yourself

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Grandma Grande, your little girl is growing up. Embrace the pop princess for who she is. She will always be Grandma's Littlest Grande.

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