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    Need Input: Who's Your Favourite Robot?

    It's UK Robotics Week from 24-30 June and we want to know which of these iconic robots is your favourite!

    1. Who is your favourite robot?

      Cute, scary, wacky, or simply a retro-classic - tell us which robot (or cyborg/android/autobot...)is the best!

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    Who is your favourite robot?
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      R2-D2 - the original scoundrel with a screwdriver
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      Johnny-5 - "Disassemble? No disassemble!"
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      T-800 - Probably Arnie's scariest persona. He'll be back.
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      Maria - the macshinenmensch of a 1920s futuristic dystopia. Scary lady.
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      Bender - the 'bot you'd be most likely to have an epic night out with
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      Marvin - we've never wanted to hug a robot quite so much
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      C-3PO - a true metallic gent
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      The robots from Robot Wars - Matilda, Sir Killalot, Shunt, and Dead Metal help make up the TV classic
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      Roamer - who can forget the first time you were allowed to 'programme' a REAL robot?!
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      Wall-E - just look at those 'eyes'!