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    23 Images You'll Only Understand If You're Slightly Obsessed With Popeyes

    Lust that chicken.

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    1. Look, we all know the sacred Truth — it has graced us in the form of Popeyes Chicken.

    2. Other chickens can't compare. There's no competition.

    3. One does not simply "eat at" Popeyes. Popeyes is a lifestyle.

    4. Yes, every Popeyes meal is an experience worth cherishing.

    5. It's almost...sexual?

    Via Twitter: @chanelpuke

    🎶...... Don't 🎶

    6. OK. Maybe not "almost."

    Steve Harvey / / Via

    7. Orange, white, and maroon are the colors of love.

    Via Twitter: @CaptainCreole

    Even in a 🎶 hopeless place 🎶 (like, you know, work).

    8. And the $5 big box is more precious than family.


    Kids in the backseat. Adults in the front.

    9. But let's be clear, there are a few ways to honor Popeyes properly.

    10. NEVER forget the hot sauce and honey.

    Via Twitter: @VictorPopeJr


    11. Make sure you also get something to, uhh, quench your thirst.

    12. Unless you want to regret every life choice you've ever made.

    13. Always keep an eye out for a new deal.

    Via Twitter: @MajorNine

    Not to mention new sauces.

    14. Ain't no way like the spicy way.

    15. But if the Popeyes gods have chosen to not look upon you with favor, don't blame the poor employees.

    16. But kindly interrogate whoever is responsible for this tragedy.

    17. Share* with the ones you love.


    *as long as you have extra

    18. Or perhaps use sides to make someone fall for you.

    19. But hey, it's OK if you get a liiiiittle greedy.


    Who could blame you?

    20. 'Cause you're in great company.

    21. No, seriously.

    (Beyoncé can't be wrong.)

    22. Even Young Thug knows Popeyes is PRIORITIES.

    Young Thug hit Popeyes after modeling in #YeezySeason3 - he real af for this 😂

    23. When life's got you down and it all feels like a sham, remember that somewhere, someplace — Popeyes delivery exists.