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10 Reasons To Put Away Your Phone On Your Next Trip

Phones so often get in the way of a good vacation. Here are 10 good reasons to spend less time on your phone and more time enjoying your vacations with agoda, where you can book more than 1.8 million properties worldwide.

1. You can enjoy the use of both hands in a variety of situations.

Including the ability to stay within moving vehicles.

2. You’re much better able to walk down stairs.

Or judge when stairs are unfit to walk down.

3. In fact, walking in general becomes far less dangerous.

As does twirling around in circles.

4. You’re able to take in more city sights...

...than just the pavement.

5. You’re far less likely to be nibbled on by animals.

And can concentrate on nibbling on local treats.

6. You’ll never miss a train.

Or a boot.

7. You’re generally more aware of your environment.

And would possibly find more interesting places to ski than under a chair lift.

8. You’re free to admire wild animals without feeling the need to invade their personal space.

Which is better for everyone, really.

9. You’re less inclined to stand next to raging oceans in your tighty-whities.

As attractive as the idea may seem.

10. And the chances of losing your friends decreases significantly.

Because real-life people are better than likes anyway.

Did we miss any? Tell us why you think vacations are better when you’re not looking at a screen.

Focus more on the experience and less on your phone by booking your next vacation on the agoda app in under one minute.

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