People Are Sharing The Worst Childhood Experiences We All Had, And Wow, I Wouldn't Go Back For $1,000,000,000

    "The heart-stopping moment when you're swinging too high on a swing set and feel like you'll flip over."

    Recently, Redditor u/Blueguyy_reddit asked the good people of r/AskReddit, "What is a childhood experience that everyone agrees was terrible?" Here are some of the most-upvoted replies:

    1. "When your mum runs into another mum at the grocery store and you know you're gonna be stuck there standing around for half an hour."


    Two actresses in a vintage grocery store scene, dressed in period costumes with a shopping cart

    "Standing in line to pay for groceries when your parent realises they forgot something and leaves you in line. Instant fear as line moves."


    2. "That final week of a long school break."


    Arthur character D.W. stands by a fence with one arm raised, wearing glasses and a pink dress

    3. "The first death of a pet."


    4. "Calling your teacher mum."


    Woman with short hair looking surprised or apprehensive

    5. "Getting karate chopped in the leg by a scooter."


    6. "Having to ask permission to go to the bathroom in class."


    Students in a classroom with one raising her hand, and a teacher in front instructing

    7. "Your dad screaming about how math has changed while trying to help you do your math homework."


    8. "Getting your eyes checked and having them shoot air in your eye."


    Child engaging with a vision-testing machine under an optometrist's guidance

    9. "Getting lost in a store or crowded place. The overwhelming panic and fear of being separated from your parents, even for a few minutes..."


    10. "Getting chicken pox."


    Close-up of a person's skin showing a rash with multiple raised bumps

    11. "Getting braces."


    "Genuinely some of the worst pain I have ever experienced." 


    12. "Stinging nettles."


    Overgrown nettles surrounding a weathered wooden fence in a natural setting

    13. "Waking up at 6 am-7 am to get ready for school."


    14. "Stepping on a LEGO brick barefoot."


    Hands assembling clear and blue blocks on a LEGO baseplate

    15. "Our parents all making us drink that gross cough medicine and standing there with a threatening aura waiting for us to drink it."


    16. "The heart-stopping moment when you're swinging too high on a swing set and feel like you'll flip over."


    Child swinging on a playground swing set with clear skies in the background

    17. "The universal dread of hearing the ice cream truck's music, rushing outside with coins in hand, only to watch it drive away before you could catch it."


    18. "The lice checks."


    Person braiding another's hair in a home setting. Hairbrush and clip on floor

    19. "Having to finish your plate at dinner, even when you're full or dislike the food."


    20. "Group punishment at school. You know, the whole class sitting out recess or missing the field trip until someone confesses — or gets ratted out by the rest of the class — to whatever evil, heinous, despicable act was perpetrated by a seven-year-old."


    Teacher standing in classroom with hands on hips, interactive whiteboard behind, students at desks

    21. "Being picked last for a team in gym class is like being left behind in a zombie apocalypse."


    22. "Going to another class and interrupting to ask for something while the entire class stares at you."


    Ms. Krabappel teaches as Bart and other students listen in a classroom from "The Simpsons."

    23. "Falling over outside and scraping your knee. I swear that sh*t was the most painful thing ever as a kid."


    24. "Metal slides."


    "And those slides reflect the sunlight, grilling you alive."


    Playground with a slide, swing set, and climbing ladder amidst trees and fallen leaves

    25. "Track and field day, or sports day, or whatever you called it. Just a 'fun' day of being forced to compete at physical tasks I hate doing and have no practice at. Three kids who somehow are great at all of it win everything. Everyone else feels sh*tty. The reward at the end of the day is one of those crappy vanilla ice cream pots with the wooden spoon that sends a gross shiver through your whole body."


    26. "Having to pull a wobbly tooth."


    Child pointing to a lost tooth in their smile

    27. "Getting chased by an animal which, at the time, was as tall as you are."


    My note: where I was from, this was ALWAYS a rooster.

    Shout out to u/Blueguyy_reddit and r/AskReddit for having this discussion.

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