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    You Could Win A £750 Fortnum & Mason Hamper If You Buy Anything From Their Site – Here Are 19 Products Under £20 That Are Worth It Either Way

    Fingers crossed!

    Fortnum & Mason are offering a £750 Globetrotter hamper for one lucky customer who buys from their online store before 11:59PM on the 8th of November. There's no minimum spend required – just order whatever you like and you'll automatically be entered into the draw!

    1. Keep yourself entertained with this trio of games. The pack includes riddles, charades cues, and 'Who Am I?' prompts!

    2. Okay, but how cute are these milk chocolate caramel truffles that come in a mini Fortnum & Mason bag?!

    3. If you love a good cuppa, you'll seriously appreciate this set of 60 teabags. The contents include their Earl Grey classic, breakfast blend, Royal blend, and so many more tasty brews!

    4. Yes, this chocolate 'gingerbread man' does come in that adorable matchbox packaging.

    5. Grab your groceries in style with this gorgeous reusable bag!

    6. This musical birthday biscuit tin is packed with tasty treats, from Shrewsbury shortcakes to triple chocolate cookies.

    7. This jasmine-scented candle comes in a handy tin that you can reuse after it's burned out.

    8. I'm not sure whether I'm drooling over these milk chocolate Marc de Champagne truffles or their pretty packaging.

    9. Kick back after a long week with this 75cl bottle of dry white port.

    10. You'll feel regal after receiving these Royal Blend teabags, which come in a stunning (and reusable) caddy.

    11. Don't mind me, just ordering this jar of honey and truffle stilton immediately.

    12. This heat-resistant double oven glove puts the 'pretty' in 'pretty useful'.

    13. I'm a little bit obsessed with this literal TEA towel.

    14. These decadent shortbread biscuits are handmade in Edinburgh.

    15. You can place this wine and champagne bottle holder into your freezer overnight to ensure your fave tipple stays cooler for longer.

    16. This gorgeous bauble is packed full of milk chocolate caramel truffles! You can refill it after you've finished the treats inside, so it'll last you for years.

    17. Sorry, but why does this selection of savoury biscuits come in such a gorgeous tin?! It contains classic butter wafer crackers, some smoky charcoal and cumin wafers, and so much more (plus, the container is 100% reusable).

    18. This silicone bottle stopper honestly has no right to look as good as it does.

    19. Okay, so this flexible carving knife is technically bang-on £20 and not under it, but it's so good at its job that I'm sure you'll forgive me.

    Read up on the full details of the draw by clicking here!

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