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    33 Incredible Products That Made Me Think "Why On Earth Don't I Own This Yet?"

    These were added to my cart pretty much instantly.

    1. You can wear this lower back massager when you're sitting down to WFH.

    2. This Super Mario money box is perfect for gamers.

    3. You'll want to wave goodbye to your regular duffle bag after seeing this stunning one.

    4. This USB-powered desk fan is the perfect addition to your WFH setup.

    5. You can get your face printed onto this cushion (yes, really).

    6. These submergible bath lights will transform your tub in no time.

    7. It's now a requirement in the UK to wear a non-medical face covering when travelling on public transport, and it's recommended to also wear them in public settings where social distancing isn't easy (such as inside shops). This cloth 'honey moon' covering is reusable!

    8. If you're in need of a ring holder, this ceramic tiger is purrfect.

    9. This Twister lip balm feels as refreshing as it looks!

    10. This Up wallet has no right to be as adorable as it is, but here we are.

    11. These hoop earrings are sure to stun.

    12. This incredible kit contains everything you need to grow your own bonsai tree at home.

    13. This personalised Vaseline tin is pretty fab.

    14. These biodegradable zero-waste cards are fully plantable.

    15. This summery phone case has pressed wildflowers inside!

    16. You can fall asleep listening to your fave music or podcasts without using clunky headphones thanks to this tech pillow.

    17. When it comes to looking incredibly cute for no reason, this Jammy Dodger cushion really takes the biscuit.

    18. I find this faux fur clock highly amoosing.

    19. You can grow your own sunflowers with this beginner-friendly kit.

    20. This clever key finder beeps when its user whistles.

    21. This photo holder will become the star of whatever room it's in.

    22. This 'significant otters' bath mat is almost too cute to own. Almost.

    23. This Spongebob Squarepants sticker is seriously fun.

    24. I dream of one day looking as good as this 'midnight lake' pouch does.

    25. If you love Friends, you'll adore this picture frame mug.

    26. This cooling towel gets cold when you add water to it, and it'll stay that way for hours afterwards.

    27. These chunky trainers will go with pretty much any outfit.

    28. You'll have a whale of a time with this wooden phone stand.

    29. Mark your territory by putting your name on this personalised Toblerone.

    30. I almost can't face how good this tote bag looks.

    31. These classic wire sunglasses look effortlessly glam.

    32. Could this mug bee any more cheerful?!

    33. These Mean Girls badges are like, sooo fetch.