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    Weekday Are Having A Mid-Season Sale Right Now – Here Are Our Fave Picks

    Deals include Fila shoes and cosy winter coats!

    Weekday are having an up-to-71%-off mid-season sale right now. We went through the deals to find our fave products!

    1. This organic cotton denim jacket is 64% off right now.

    2. Save an incredible 68% on these Fila 95 trainers!

    3. These wide leg trousers are 1) comfy, 2) gorgeous, and 3) a whopping 71% off. What's not to love?!

    4. You'll look effortlessly chic in this denim shirt dress that's 55% off.

    5. This 55%-off velvet dress looks way more expensive than it actually is.

    6. Nab these wide leg denim jeans for an impressive 58% off. They're made from organic cotton!

    7. This cropped denim top is down by a seriously gorgeous 60%.

    8. Sorry, but how beautiful is this 39%-off wool-blend coat?!

    9. This rib-knit sweater goes with everything, and it's 53% off right now too.

    10. Okay, but this fleece jacket honestly has no right to look as good as it does. Snap it up now for 34% off!

    11. If you're after something witchy but wearable, this 65%-off velvet T-shirt is ideal.

    12. Make a ~statement~ for less by snapping up these leather trousers for 56% off.

    13. Lounge in style with these half-price Fila tracksuit bottoms.

    14. This organic cotton denim jacket is down by 55%.

    15. The only thing better than this long denim jacket is the fact that it's 45% off!

    16. This handbag is an impressive 73% off.

    Want to check out even more impressive deals? You can view Weekday's entire mid-season sale by clicking here!