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    We Tried This Cheap Skincare Brand To See If It Lived Up To Its Rave Reviews (Spoiler Alert: It Did)

    All of these are under a tenner!

    Hi! We're Valeza and Amy. We're both obsessed with skincare and saving money. So when we noticed that the same inexpensive skincare brand kept cropping up on Amazon's bestseller lists AND getting rave reviews, we knew we had to give it a try.

    Naturally there were a few standout products that *really* impressed us, so here are our top picks:

    ✨ Amy's Picks ✨

    1. I'm obsessed with this retinol-infused cream which doubles up as a moisturiser!

    2. I like to brighten AND exfoliate my skin with this ridiculously highly-rated vitamin C serum.

    3. These inexpensive acne patches genuinely help to conceal and heal my spots.

    4. The plumping ingredients in this collagen and retinol-rich eye cream helped to smooth the appearance of my under eye area (not bad for under £7, right)?

    5. There was something so grossly gratifying about using these foot peel masks.

    6. I swear by this powerful acne cream for banishing blemishes.

    ✨ Valeza's Picks ✨

    7. This hyaluronic acid serum gave my skin the extra hydration boost I never knew it needed.

    8. My locks reached impressive levels of volume and shine thanks to this hair growth shampoo.

    9. Like Amy, I loved this vitamin C serum so much that I had to give it a shoutout too!

    10. This activated charcoal mask gives my pores a deep clean without irritating my sensitive skin.

    11. This easy-to-use serum has kept my lashes strong and healthy!

    12. This castor oil is great for strengthening my brow hairs, lashes, nails, and more!

    Want to check out even more highly-rated skincare bargains? You can view Eclat's entire storefront by clicking here!

    Us after using these products: